Anjem Choudary arrests along with number of other people in UK renews the question as to why it has taken so long for one of the most vocal so called hate preachers to be arrested .
Choudary ‘s legal background has allowed him to navigate a fine line .
It seems that his recent outbursts since the public rise of ISIS has finally provided material for the police to press ahead with arrests .

It remains to be seen if he can be prosecuted successfully and if released weather he will thread a more careful lines in his commentaries .

He has been charged with membership of a banned organization the 47 yr old has repeatedly changed the names of his organizations as they have been banned by the Home Office .

Due to the incendiary nature of his comments he has been courted by the media and had found a platform for his comments.

The two people convicted of the murder of Bands man Lee Rigby in south London were  among his followers.

targeting isis

Cruise missiles and jets on bombing raid are again a familiar sight over Iraq and now Syria.

President Obama is enjoying support at home and overseas over his decision to expand the intensity and the lists of targets as part of the campaign against ISIS.

With UK citizens being executed on the internet the British Prime minster Camron has been forced to recall parliament to seek approval for UK military participation in the crises.

This will lead to increase the risk of retaliatory attacks on British home land.

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ISIS flag

  David Haines  the British aid worker has become the latest person to be executed by ISIS. This  has been promised to be followed by the execution of another hostage who has been named as Mr Henning.

Hains had served in the Royal Air Force for 12 years and leaves two children behind. He had worked as a Aid worker in some of most troubled areas in the world including Libya,Sudan.

The proclaimed aim of this act is to stop USA bombing of ISIS positions which have slowed the groups advance in Iraq.

ISIS regularly treats it brutality as a PR opportunity in it campaign of terror .


Flight Formation

Flight Formation

For those of you interested in pageantry of an aviation type NATO has announced the flight formation  on 5th Sep for the summit in Wales.

Current threat level

The current threat level from international terrorism for the UK is assessed as SEVERE.

Members of the public should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321.

The threat-levels

There are five levels of threat:

  • Critical – an attack is expected imminently.
  • Severe – an attack is highly likely.
  • Substantial – an attack is a strong possibility.
  • Moderate – an attack is possible but not likely.
  • Low – an attack is unlikely.

Source and form of the threat

The threat of international terrorism comes from a diverse range of sources, including Al Qaida and associated networks, and those who share Al Qaida’s ideology but do not have direct contact with them. A threat could manifest itself from a lone individual or group.

sources :MI5 ,Home office.

With upcoming Nato summit in Cardiff Wales on 4th Sep and the stiffening of attitude against ISIS the UK’s international threat level has officially been increased to substantial that indicates a  strong possibility of an attack.

The concerns have been underscored by the recent showing of a Jihadi recruitment video featuring Nasser Muthana, and his younger brother Aseel both from Cardiff. The young brothers travelled secretly to Join ISIS.

In Cardiff what has been referred to as a ring of steel has been set up featuring Hostile Vehicle Mitigation a counter measure against vehicle borne threats , a steel fence measuring 2.5 kilometres surrounding Cardiff Castle which is site of the Nato Summit and a 1000 meter fence around Cardiff bay .

With up to 28 heads of states, foreign ministers and defence chiefs expected it can be seen why the event is a potential target for any group seeking maximum impact from terror operation.

The summit will be the place where recent developments to ISIS is discussed and responses developed this will also be the occasion where USA will directly put pressure on its allies to participate in short and long term strategies against global Jihadi movement led increasingly by ISIS.


A Saudi prince’s convoy was stopped by armed men in two vehicles  on the northern part of the ring road in Paris.

The attack  which is being described as professionally planned resulted in large sum of money and documents to be stolen.

The men who totalled 8 and carrying assault rifles focused on the unmarked principal car, so must clearly  have had inside information, they also knew the exact time the convoy would be passing that particular point in their journey.

The hijacker’s cars were later found burnet out in a Paris suburb .

The embassy and the French police have declined to comment as to the identity of the Saudi prince but rumours are circulating that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a nephew of King Abdullah and one of the richest and most powerful men in the world may have been the target .

There has been suggestions that the documents and not the cash were the real reasons of the ambush which only adds more questions to the mystery .

It also poses questions for the team  who were tasked with protecting the prince and his possessions.

Interpol started issuing it own travel documents some years ago after finding many its efforts to combat cross border crime defeated by the very borders themselves .

The latest version of the documents boasts no less than 29 security feature including laser engraving and electronic chip containing biometric data. It is hoped that it will assist with ease and speedy action needed to pursue criminals across national boundaries.

Out of 190 member states 75 have already began to accept the two IDs and travel document format and wave visa restrictions and allow the bearer speedy transit through the ports the normal national passport must accompany the Interpol documents .

Inter pole has taken an increasing interest in electronic media and after its recent launch of barcode reader in order to assist with verifying the authenticity of the consumer goods and medicine has also started to use publicly available software to invite members of the public to assist it in identifying variety of other crimes such as cross border theft of luxury cars, identity theft among others.

Manchester United as banned laptops and tablets from its home ground .

This follows the airport ban on such devices and phones which can not be turned on at the gates , The recent information  regarding  such devises from security services indicating their possible use in a terror attack seems not to have been down graded .

It is highly likely that other football clubs will follow Manchester United for the general public and will most likely introduce more stringent checks for journalists  and other professional who must use such devises during games .


The EU anti terrorist co-ordinator has announced the possibility of travel ban  and other punitive measures against  individuals  identified as people who may be travelling to fight in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The countries involved in the plan are, the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden,  Netherlands, Belgium, France,and Germany.

Some countries have already taken actions among them United Kingdom which has charged some citizens using parts of its existing anti terrorism laws ,The Netherlands who refused passports to at least 10 citizens suspected of planning to travel to Syria for jihad

Seven Dutch militants were reported killed in Syria recently and Germany has indicates that it has up to 400 citizens involved in the conflicts.

The governments in  EU all share the common  concern that the conflicts in middle east  will act as catalyst in radicalizing certain section of community and further will be a training ground in fighting urban warfare which will then haunt them within own national territories.

The terrorist incidents in Britain and Spain serves as reminder that vigilance

starts at home.