Soldiers are  deployed in Sierra Leone and Liberia to quarantine infected  villages, this follows the suspension of flights by British airways in and out of the two countries. Ebola has claimed hundreds of lives,  and is increasingly prominent in the news with the recent information regarding the  infected American medical staff arriving back into USA on boards […]

Over the sky’s of Manchester the Royal Air Force have escorted  a civilian flight after reported of device on board . Manchester police are treating the event as  a full emergency . The air bus belonging to Qatar Airways has landed at Manchester air port and is being attended to by all agencies . Qatar […]

Ebola Virus has brought to the surface the fact that security has many manifestations in human society. The pandemics of recent history have caused more death than all the wars of the last 10 centuries put together. The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of […]

With the news of additional gains by ISIS in Iraq one is reminded of the fact that the organisation is barely 3 years old and yet it has managed to occupy a vast territory in Iraq rapidly. Recently the Kurdish fighters arrested a well-placed individual and obtained information from him that led to a large […]

SQR area of operation summer 2014

French Riviera the playground of the billionaires and movie stars will see SQR close protection activities throughout its length and breadth This summer SQR close protection teams are active on the French Riviera accompanying and securing the activities of SQR clients their ports of call will include Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco. The operations will  see the […]

Picture of two British soldier on duty

They have fought the Taliban, survived the killing fields of Afghanistan, and have been hailed as heroes. Now battle-hardened British troops have swapped military patrols in Helmand province for keeping the peace at barmitzvahs, synagogues and a range of communal events — and it is all thanks to a couple of former IDF soldiers. Shai […]

SQR students

SQR security is pleased to announce the inaugural  close protection course at their new centre of excellence and head office . The course that is 20 days long will see the candidates put through the paces in close protection theory and practice. They will also fly to Poland for firearm training and specialised self defence. […]

With over 60,000 refugees crossing into Italian territorial water from North Africa with many from Somalia where Al-Qaida affiliated groups have a great deal of control over large parts of the territory, the Italian navy’s concerns are explained by Luigi B Mantelli the commander in chief of the navy “there is a great risk that […]