This properly is the thought on the mind of Dayesh (isis) commanders in Syria.

Daily revelations on movement of troops and equipment from Russia to Syria have been on the news wires additionally the Russian leader has for the first time this week hinted at this during interviews.

The reports suggests that Jableh airbase in the regime’s strong hold has rapidly been upgraded to receive heavy transport plane such as Antonov-124 Condor with a pay load of over a 100 tons and third generation T90 tanks and high number of infantry fighting vehicles alongside R-166-0.5 command and control vehicles which are ultra-high frequency enabled allowing communications over hundreds of miles with battlefield assets. These have been spotted along high way 4 which links the government strong hold with  Dayesh(isis) occupied territory. There has been reports also of UAVs and artillery pieces moving into place alongside over1500 marines. The air field will no doubt begin to host attack helicopters and ground support aircrafts soon.

Putin has proved that he is not shy of a fight when Russian strategic interests are at risk he has further proven this by placing S 300 long range anti-aircraft missile systems in place which have 100 mile range given that Dayesh (isis) possess no air craft this is a message for Turkish, Israeli and Nato planners.

The Russian leader is unlikely to encounter any negative world public opinions in fighting Dayesh (isis) and seem to be driving his position home in the strongest way possible, while the western governments have either refrained or decide to arm the so called moderate rebels with varying results. The American program of training and arming this fractured group has resulted  in a farce for after spending $41millions they have just admitted  that out of the initial 500 trained and send back home only 4-5 individuals are active today!! The rest having scattered after the first battle.

The ongoing air campaign has yielded limited battle field results and has been criticised for lack of intensity and effectiveness by observers on the ground.

The Russian move has already started to yield political results ,the American secretary for the state has already called for discussions with Russia and has also is airing the notion of working with president Assad of Syria and the Iranians with his European allies.

By having troops on the ground the Russians have taken the lead and have ensured their interests will be protected and that they will be in a lead position in dictating military and political strategy .

If you are heading to Syria on contracts do not be surprised to hear or see Russians calling the shouts and beware they don’t take too kindly to private armed contractors in the area of their operations .