The EU anti terrorist co-ordinator has announced the possibility of travel ban  and other punitive measures against  individuals  identified as people who may be travelling to fight in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The countries involved in the plan are, the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden,  Netherlands, Belgium, France,and Germany.

Some countries have already taken actions among them United Kingdom which has charged some citizens using parts of its existing anti terrorism laws ,The Netherlands who refused passports to at least 10 citizens suspected of planning to travel to Syria for jihad

Seven Dutch militants were reported killed in Syria recently and Germany has indicates that it has up to 400 citizens involved in the conflicts.

The governments in  EU all share the common  concern that the conflicts in middle east  will act as catalyst in radicalizing certain section of community and further will be a training ground in fighting urban warfare which will then haunt them within own national territories.

The terrorist incidents in Britain and Spain serves as reminder that vigilance

starts at home.