Door Supervisor Level 2 Course


This qualification will validate you for a Door Supervisors license with the SIA.
Throught this comprehensive course, you will delve into crucial aspects of door supervision, including conflict management,
principles of working as a Door Supervisor in the Private Security Industry and Physical Intervention.
Physical Intervention is a large part of the new qualification.


  1. Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry
    *Overview of the private security industry.
    *Roles and responsibilities of a door supervisor.
    *Understanding the importance of effective communication.
  2. Unit 2: Principles of Working as a Door Supervisor
    Duties and responsibilities specific to door supervisors.
    *Managing conflict and using force legally and proportionately.
    *Searching individuals and property.
  3. Unit 3: Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry
    *Understanding and assessing risks in conflict situations.
    *Communication strategies to prevent and resolve conflicts.
    *Legal and ethical considerations in conflict resolution.
  4. Unit 4: Application of Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry
    Techniques for using physical intervention.
    *Understanding the legal and ethical aspects of physical intervention.
    *Minimising the risk of harm during physical interventions.
  • **Please note that a valid first aid certificate is a prerequisite for enrolling in this course
    (has a validity of at least 12 months from the beginning of the course).
    If you do not possess a valid first aid certificate, we offer a dedicated first aid course that coincides with the dates of the original course.
    There will be an extra course fee of £89.99.
    This way, you can fulfill the first aid requirement and join the main course seamlessly.
    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

    To book the additional Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 please call us, or choose Door Supervisor(Emergency first aid included) when booking the course on the website.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.