Security has primary concern which is preservation of life and creating a balance between competing dynamic forces that are at work in society in favour of safety . On Sunday 13th of Aug two of SQR security staff assigned to JW3 a high profile Jewish community hub were alerted to a potentially serious incident. A […]

Turkey The attack on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul was yet another example of how having 1000s of armed police in uniform and under cover through out a Metropolitan area will have no effect on the outcome. The chances of intercepting an attack in its final phase are mostly based on luck rather than methods. […]

Drones are hovering The fast growth of Drones availability married to the inevitable technological advances has created much anxiety within the various security sectors . The military of-course has been using drones for some time now for reconnaissance and attack but their exclusive use has been challenged by increasing capability of the commercial drones. We […]

Multiple failures by security and the legal system in Germany and Italy lay behind the Berlin attack might be the first conclusion after the event . The general belief is that widest and the most encompassing circle of defence is the intelligence service of a country when dealing with terrorist attacks of any nature. As […]

At first glance the shooting of the Russian ambassador in Turkey raises more questions than it answers. The overall security of a foreign mission and its staff is the responsibility of the host country. The countries who have embassies also provide security for their missions and their staff in coordination with the host country. The […]

Worst case Scenario thinking in security. Risk management involves mitigating against real and current threats, here the word “real” plays a crucial part in this conversation. The effect of news media on our perception of threats cannot be underestimated so its best to remember a few things about the news media. firstly, the news media […]

SQR team leader’s national meeting. SQR group’s national meeting in London conducted at the HQ of the group. The meeting addressed by Shai Slagter the co founder of the SQR to highlight the importance of individual staff members and their team leaders in the growth of the company. In addition company structure and ambitions were […]

Scottish Flag is displayed in reference to the opening of the SQR group's opening of its offices in that region

SQR group is proud to announce the opening of  SQR Scotland SQR will bring its unique security solution to Scotland UK, London, October 11, 2016– SQR opens its Scotland Office   This follows in the footstep of SQR’s offices in London,East of England, Manchester, Newcastle/Gates head “SQR is privileged to open its Scottish branch. SQR […]

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