Krav maga is a close combat method, developed in Israel for the purposes of self defense and military actions.

Krav maga  isn’t a martial art  or a competitive sport but rather a method developed solely to neutralize an attack by an enemy from close quarters in as short a time as possible. Krav maga  was originally introduced into the IDF and is now world renowned and used by security forces around the globe who see it as an efficient tool in the war against terror. Since krav maga is a self defense system and not a competitive sport, there are no rules and the main objective is to neutralize your opponent is as short a time as possible.  This justifies the use of all types of punches, kicks, choking, targeting especially vulnerable areas and the use of any object in the area as a weapon.

Operatives and combatants in these areas are often required to stop an attack from close quarters when performing their duties or protecting an individual.  In many cases, they are forced to use non-fatal force to subdue the attacker so as not to cause them serious harm.  Apart from the technical aspect of learning the techniques of subduing an opponent at close quarters and with bare hands, hand to hand combat lessons are an important element in the development of an all round “Special Forces” operative or professional security officer.  Through these techniques, we instil in the fighter elements of controlled aggression, determination, combat initiative, thinking under pressure and physical as well as emotional strength.