On-site-visits and a comprehensive security plans are just part of ‘SQR group’ methods for creating a secure environment in which you can organise events, conduct business affairs or host VIPs. From planning to execution, we provide clients with the strategies and expertly trained personnel to secure any location or individual. From Concierge positions to patrolling Security Officers, close protection and off site monitoring.

It’s not just procedures and equipment that require updating to maintain maximum levels of security, the people providing your protection need to stay up to date too. ‘SQR group’ can suggest educational courses, licensed training programs, self defence courses and workshops.

Utilising specialists in each security field to develop programmatic responses for our consulting clients, ‘SQR group’ covers a diverse array of disciplines that include: personnel security, site evaluations, security audits, maritime and aviation security.

Staying well aware of technology is key to staying one step ahead when it comes to protecting yourself and your assets, whether digital or actual, in a world where threats develop faster than the ways to guard against them. ‘SQR group’ provides the most effective technologically advanced tools and techniques for protecting your information, your office, your home and your family.

At SQR Group we employ Surveillance Operatives of the highest calibre from varied backgrounds such as Military, Police and the Intelligence community in order to deliver results and meet targets in a rapidly growing sector. We adopt a rational and calculated approach to all aspects of our work.

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