Metropolitan Police Information on Gangs

How many gangs are there in London?

According to our information there are 250 recognised gangs in London, comprising of about 4,500 people. They range from organised criminal networks involved in Class A drugs supply and firearms, to street-based gangs involved in violence and personal robbery. This relatively small number of people is responsible for approximately 22% of serious violence, 17% of robbery, 50% of shootings and 14% of rape in London.

Where are they?

Gangs exist in and around all parts of London but are more prevalent in about 20 boroughs.

Who are they?

Gangs are made up of mainly young people, aged between 18 and 24 years, but we have seen even younger children involved in or on the periphery of gangs. Gang-related violence exists in and affects all communities in London and our new task force will work with and for all communities to pursue gangs and gang members, regardless of their background.