surveillance by SQR

Surveillance  workshop  by SQR group

The Technical Surveillance attack workshop conducted by a top field professional. This  work shop is being at SQR’s centre of excellence . It will advance the candidates  knowledge of current technical surveillance environment. They will be introduced to some of the most advance equipment and their capability. Technical aspects covered are Audio, Video, Long range covert surveillance, image intensification.

SQR’s Technical surveillance workshop is set to be a great successes with attendance from active CP, Police, Military personnel . Join us for the next session .

SQR group conducts an Enhanced close protection course .The close protection course has many additional modules over the required by SIA for its licences.

Understanding Surveillance in all its forms is a key aspect of close protection work in the modern era.

The workshop is one day long and is certificated By SQR group.

Surveillance  SQR group

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surveillance by SQR

Technical surveillance
by SQR group

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SQR students

SQR security is pleased to announce the inaugural  close protection course at their new centre of excellence and head office .

The course that is 20 days long will see the candidates put through the paces in close protection theory and practice. They will also fly to Poland for firearm training and specialised self defence. A surveillance workshop and close protection in a mobile environment awaits them on return.

Operational planning and team work are corner stones of the SQR learning program which will be put into practice during the three live operations.

SQR’s close protection course is a regular host to international candidates  who  travel from afar to experience the unique SQR methods.




SQR to provide 24hr security for fc200 building

SQR will bring its unique security solution to the FC200

UK, London, April 7, 2014– SQR appointed as 24hr security provider for FC200 Building

“SQR is privileged to have been given the opportunity to bring its unique security solutions to FC200 building” Avi Navama SQR co –founder

SQR unique approach in blending human and technological solutions in security will set new standards of service and security to the owners and occupants of FC200 building


Security, Quality and Reliability are the foundations of the company and they are what distinguishes ‘SQR group’ from other companies in the UK market in particular, and the Global market as a whole.

‘SQR group’ places supreme importance in the recruiting and training of the most highly qualified personnel, creating a unique team to be trusted both personally and professionally.

Aviation Security
UK, London, April 4, 2014– SQR Security Solutions is granted DFT approval to provide Aviation Security
“SQR is very proud to have been granted the approval of DFT for provision of Aviation Security “
Shai Slagter Co-founder
This approval will allow SQR to bring its extensive experience in the field of aviation security to the UK airport industry.
Shai Slagter co –founder of SQR was the head of Security for ‘EL AL Airlines’ in the UK and has worked in aviation security in Ireland, Scotland, Frankfort ,Milan , across Europe & North America.
With activities including:
Co-operating and coordinating with local authorities such as Special Branch, all emergency services, the border control, BAA, and DAA.
Acting on intelligence received, at times last minute, and ensuring appropriate plans are in place and action taken. Responsible for training and managing new and existing staff in security procedures and use of security equipment.
Design and implementation of specialist security checking procedures with emphasis on cost and operational efficiency. Personally responsible for ensuring the security of all passengers and flight personal along with the aircraft and cargo, whilst adhering to UK laws.
Set up new local offices in Samara and Almaty (Kazakhstan) which included the establishment of all local contacts and recruiting staff with intimate local knowledge. Supervising and managing over 60 local employees, recruiting, training, and developing a team of local employees.
Designed and implemented emergency action plans, based on threats and intelligence information received. Responsible for the briefing and debriefing meetings before each flight, detailing local and global information and threats.
In today’s advanced, interconnected world, protecting the infrastructure that allows society to function is crucial. Security threats are inherently difficult to manage as there are so many different forms of threat and because they are constantly evolving. ‘SQR group’ is one of the leading companies in the Global market providing a broad spectrum of security solutions, consultation services and the implementation of security plans based on thorough risk assessments and threat evaluations.