SQR Centre of Excellence is proud to announce the opening of CCTV training courses.

SQR has been successfully running Close Protection training courses for the past four years and due the high demand we have decided to expand to CCTV qualifications.

The decision to establish the Centre of Excellence was a culmination of extensive research, development and based on decades of service in the government, military and the civilian sector.

SQR founder members have experience in task specific development and delivering of security training in various fields of security at governmental level in the diplomatic, aviation and military sector and in the civilian sector providing training in international event security management, close protection, residential security and retail.

Obtaining the level 2 CCTV Training qualification is the first step towards obtaining your SIA CCTV License. If you are looking to work as a CCTV operator, this is the right qualification for you.

The SIA CCTV course runs over four days and is divided into three units:

  1. Working in the Private Security Industry.
  2. Working as a CCTV Operator.
  3.  The Practical Use of CCTV Systems.

Please ensure you have read and understood SIA specification and requirements for the training at:



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