This qualification is designed to progress your skills used to control challenging and aggressive behaviour. As well as identifying your position within the law, this course teaches you practical safe methods to control situations with minimum risk of danger or injury to yourself or the subject. The course is delivered over 2 days through classroom sessions and participatory demonstrations. It is an essential addition to the skill set of any security professional, working as a door supervisor, close protection officer or any other number of roles.

The course, an Edexcel accredited level 2 BTEC, begins by outlining the the potential risks carried by disengagement and physical intervention, as well as the surrounding legal and ethical issues, including theory behind restrictive and non-restrictive techniques. This part of the course is classroom based.

The final part of the course is more practical based. Two separate units will train you to determine when is best to use physical intervention, and give you extensive non-restrictive knowledge and practices to pre-empt and diffuse conflict without the need for force. The restrictive techniques have high-risks attached them, and all participants will learn that conflict should be avoided, and how it can be done.

Please ensure you have read and understood SIA specification and requirements for the training at: