This level 3 Edexcel BTEC course is for instructors with prior teaching qualifications that wish to advance their skill set to teach conflict management skills to employees in any industry where there is direct contact with customers, service users or the general public. All units in this module are internally assessed.

The Delivering Conflict Management Training (CMT) is spread over 4 days, and is divided into two main sections. The first is ensuring all participants understand the principles of Conflict Management. You will learn both how to avoid conflict and to resolve problems once conflict has been defused. Your instructor will then go on to discuss how communication skills are paramount to assessing and maintaining control in any scenario that presents possible conflict. You will also be trained in how to deliver and assess scenario based CMT, using practical methods to teach your future students. Toward the end, the course prepares you to plan your own sessions, and how to determine the effectiveness of both your own conflict management, as well as your delivery of training.

For trainers wishing to prepare students to apply for a Security Industry Association (SIA) License, this course meets all requirements.

Please ensure you have read and understood SIA specification and requirements for the training at: