The first step taken by ‘SQR Group’ when consulting is to provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Analysis study for businesses and individuals. These assessments take into account the constantly changing environment within the context of the social, geopolitical global market. ‘SQR group’ provides Security System Audits, in order to analyse the condition of security systems in place, reveal and detail vulnerabilities of the system and processes and analyse the findings accordingly. The most valuable resource one can employ when consulting on matters of security is experience and very few companies have more in-depth expertise in as broad a range of disciplines than ‘SQR group’. The intensive training and high level of knowledge demonstrated by each of ‘SQR group’ specialists is matched only by the breadth of their shared viewpoint, which considers all factors present in the environment throughout the analysis of its clients’ needs and the development and implementation of its security solutions.

Just some of ‘SQR group’ areas of specialisation include:

  • Security Protocol: providing clients with safety precautions and protective measures for all places and purposes, including:  aviation and maritime travel, corporate security, and security at events, public transportation and sensitive facilities.
  • Business Intelligence: ‘SQR group’  corporate intelligence team provides due diligence support services, personnel background investigations, counter intelligence to oppose corporate espionage, surveillance and information for safeguarding and securing facilities.