Services Available:

Information and Intelligence gathering (Reconnaissance)
Overt Surveillance (Security Advanced Party)
Covert Surveillance (Multiple demographics)
Under Cover (Varied Levels)
Anti-Surveillance (Training, Tactics and Demonstration)
Urban, Rural, vehicle and foot

Facilitation of:

Fraudulent Claims (Benefits, Injury, Earnings)
Marital Affairs
Criminal (In support of UK Police)
Tracing and tracking
Corruption and Bribery
Threat and Intimidation
Sphere of Security

At SQR Group we employ Surveillance Operatives of the highest calibre from varied back grounds such as Military, Police and the Intelligence community in order to deliver results and meet targets in a rapidly growing sector.  We adopt a rational and calculated approach to all aspects of our work.  Through good planning and liaison with our clients and the deployment of highly motivated and experienced operatives we are able to achieve impeccable results.  From initial contact to end report we carry out our business in the most professional way and to the highest standards.  We do not believe in ‘generic’ surveillance tasks and will create the necessary, bespoke operational plan in order to suit the individual needs of our clients.  We have a policy of doing things right the first time and strive for perfection in all elements of our trade craft.  We understand economics and value and thus receive only positive feedback.  “If you buy cheap, you buy twice”.

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