When we think of the word “security”, the image that comes to mind is perhaps the most basic and yet most essential aspect of guardianship, namely physical protection. ‘SQR group’ offers physical security services to its public and private clients all around the Globe. From the initial planning stages to the successful completion of an event, we supply everything our clients need to remain safe throughout, including risk assessment, operational planning, installation and setup of security infrastructure, establishing emergency protocols and providing the well trained security personnel to manage it all. Our security personnel range from Concierge to Security Officers.

‘SQR Group’ operates a Control Centre, on call 24/7, providing real-time phone advice from an officer on duty. The Control Centre maintains relationships with all the Emergency Forces and operates a QRT (Quick Response Team) to assist on-site, whenever the need arises.

Our physical security services are optimal for, though not limited to:

  • Business and public Security: Multi-dimensional security planning and support services to protect an array of locations from a variety of possible threats.
  • VIP and Close Protection: Protection for high-risk, high-profile individuals provided by highly trained close protection units and security teams.
  • Event Security: Securing events while minimizing interference, ‘SQR group’ provides clients with security plans and personnel, with additional available services that include K-9 support, metal detection and Security staff specializing in behavioral profiling. The management team is highly experienced in planning and coordinating Mass Events in general and Sport Events in particular.