As security technologies and methods develop, so must the security personnel who provide us with protection. ‘SQR group’ specialty training and licensing for security teams covers a wide range of disciplines and instructors from the elite units of some of the most advanced intelligence agencies around the world. Some of the courses and workshops offered are:

  • Security Staff Training Courses: ‘SQR group’ Security Staff training provides security personnel with basic knowledge of guarding principles at its most basic level, while offering a wide array of management tools and techniques for all aspects of security detail at its most advanced levels. From devising an operations strategy to managing a team and establishing emergency plans of action, these courses provide agents everything they need to know about securing places and people.
  • Maritime Security: Basic trainings consist of Personal Survival Techniques; Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting; First Aid; Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities. More advanced training consist of Ship Security Officers course and Vessel Protection Tactical Course – intelligence situation, pirates modus operandi, vessel board search, seizure drills, prisoners handling, vessel protection equipment.
  • Personal Safety and Self Defence:  In the evolving world around us, ‘SQR Group’ believes you are unable to rely on technology alone to protect you and your family. Unique Personal Safety and Self Defence workshops and courses have been developed for the general public and specific target groups, such as women; young people; professionals working with special needs and so on. These courses provide the training and skills needed to handle face-to-face combat at different levels, from the basic to the most advanced.