Over the sky’s of Manchester the Royal Air Force have escorted  a civilian flight after reported of device on board .

Manchester police are treating the event as  a full emergency .

The air bus belonging to Qatar Airways has landed at Manchester air port and is being attended to by all agencies .

Qatar has been at the heart of controversy with its alleged support of various militant organisations in  middle east.

threat to air liners have been in the head lines with one mysteriously disappearing , one being shot down and one crashing with no causes identified in recent months.


 French government officials have commented in the media in recent days about the potential for a terrorist attack in France and have said law enforcement authorities have assumed a heightened security posture. The French Ministry of Interior publicly confirmed reports that security officials are investigating relevant threat information. The Government of France’s new threat rating system, “Vigipirate,” is currently at red, the second-highest of four levels. In times of heightened security concerns, the French government augments police with armed forces, and increases visibility at high-profile locations. The Embassy maintains close communication with French law enforcement officials. At this time, we have no credible information about specific threats against U.S. interests or individuals. The Department of State continues to encourage U.S. citizens overseas to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.