SQR group achieves the coveted ISO 9001 Quality Management     The world’s most recognized quality management standard “Our achievement of  ISO 9001 further underscores and assures our clients of SQR’s standard of services and management”                                       […]

SQR has been commissioned to provide enhanced security for educational institutions in Paris. The commissioning of SQR is based on recognition of its ability to deliver security solutions of the highest standard . SQR raises the standard of provision of security for institutions by providing SQR trained staff for the industry. Security, Quality and Reliability […]

Picture of two British soldier on duty

They have fought the Taliban, survived the killing fields of Afghanistan, and have been hailed as heroes. Now battle-hardened British troops have swapped military patrols in Helmand province for keeping the peace at barmitzvahs, synagogues and a range of communal events — and it is all thanks to a couple of former IDF soldiers. Shai […]

SQR students

SQR security is pleased to announce the inaugural  close protection course at their new centre of excellence and head office . The course that is 20 days long will see the candidates put through the paces in close protection theory and practice. They will also fly to Poland for firearm training and specialised self defence. […]

With over 60,000 refugees crossing into Italian territorial water from North Africa with many from Somalia where Al-Qaida affiliated groups have a great deal of control over large parts of the territory, the Italian navy’s concerns are explained by Luigi B Mantelli the commander in chief of the navy “there is a great risk that […]

Home office figure on arrests for terrorisim

 The latest figure released by home office in relation to arrest under  the 2000 terrorism act  June 2014 Statistical News Release Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation – arrests, outcomes, stops and searches: Great Britain, quarterly update to 31 December 2013 This statistical release brings together information on terrorism […]

The Federal Aviation Administration has told all U.S. airlines that flights to Israel’s Tel Aviv airport are prohibited for 24 hours after a rocket from Gaza landed in the area.

How many gangs are there in London? According to our information there are 250 recognised gangs in London, comprising of about 4,500 people. They range from organised criminal networks involved in Class A drugs supply and firearms, to street-based gangs involved in violence and personal robbery. This relatively small number of people is responsible for […]