Close Protection in USA a reality check Let’s take a look at some facts and figures so that we can identify the real Threats and Risk and not the falsely perceived namely Terrorism which accounts for 31 deaths on average in USA with the 9/11 taken into account.Close protection in USA is about more about […]

harry potter premier secured by SQR group

London has reinforced its world reputation as number one cultural and international centre by hosting the premier of Harry Potter theatre show at the renowned Palace theatre at the heart of the capital . As expected the cream of the celebrities from the world of politics, entertainment and sports were in attendance alongside J.K Rowling. […]

Close protection at  Brazil Olympic With the summer games fast  approaching many high net worth individuals and their security personnel will decamp to Brazil. Brazil poses its own unique security threats for security professionals who will arrive with their clients. Let us not forget that tweeted message from a Islamic  member which gained wide spread […]

SQR groups Avi Navama  was interviewed today to by Bloomberg Business .This was in the  aftermath  of Brussels bombing. SQR’s inherent experience based on its long history in military , civilian and national security sectors gives it the authority to make observation on such critical matters and issues. The interview (click  link) SQR group is one of […]

ACTIVE SHOOTER Unfortunately there are hundreds of examples of these type of attacks across the globe, while some of the attacks are inspired by political violence, many of the incidents can only be termed civilians on civilians, and they accrue randomly almost anywhere in urban environments, streets, cinemas, concert halls shopping centres and offices they […]

Close Protection with blindfolds on So often the individuals involved in the industry overlook the implications of the wider world events on all aspects of their profession .They seem to live in a self-created bubble that mostly comforts them in the belief that keeping up with physical aspects of the art form is sufficient to […]

Manchester sky line

SQR group in Greater Manchester. SQR group establishes one it largest unified security teams outside of London operations in Manchester . Greater Manchester is  one of the largest metropolitan areas in United Kingdom with  population of 2.7 million. SQR group in Manchester is securing a range of institutions , organisations and individuals. SQR an established […]

Map of united kingdom

SQR group expands in UK SQR group enhances its geographical reach in UK to northerly borders of Gateshead to secure a wide variety of institutions and organisations . Having already established a  reputation in London and surrounding counties as well as being  an established and well recognised operator on the international field, SQR is pleased […]