Our gym is used to teach our close protection candidates physical intervention ,Krav Maga and body covers as part of our dedicated program to teach enhanced close protection . It is an essential part of the bodyguard’s skills to be able to deal with threats from individuals and crowds and its taught vigorously on […]

Close protection how not to! Close protection has certain ground rule, these are the basic of the art of body guarding and are incorporated in and understood by close protection teams everywhere. We also take it for granted and assume that the highly placed government officials such as the prime minster who due to sensitivity […]

 SQR group achieves the coveted ISO 9001 Quality Management     The world’s most recognized quality management standard “Our achievement of  ISO 9001 further underscores and assures our clients of SQR’s standard of services and management”                                       […]

Internet the battle ground The internet has long been viewed as a convenient media for communication and propaganda for organised crime, terrorism. There has been many chapters in this story with one side or the other claiming advantage by using new techniques in encryption, techniques to avoid detection or to monitor traffic. The Snowdon revelation […]

East of England CO- Operative Society commissions SQR group to provide a variety of security services   The commissioning of SQR is based on recognition of its ability to deliver security solutions of the highest standard across many sector of security industry. SQR group’s management and systems meet the highest national and international standards   […]

Prime Minister Cameron’s encounter with a jogger has sparked a concern about his close protection squad. The incident took place when the prime minster left a meeting and was on rout to his vehicle. The concern has been raised by the fact that the man ran across the road onto the pavement past and in […]

The murder of Alan Henning The 47-year-old taxi-driver from Manchester who was taken hostage last December while on a humanitarian aid convoys to Syria has become the latest victim of ISIS.  His tragic and brutal end has been filmed and used as a gruesome piece of PR. There are a number of reasons why these […]

Anjem Choudary arrests along with number of other people in UK renews the question as to why it has taken so long for one of the most vocal so called hate preachers to be arrested . Choudary ‘s legal background has allowed him to navigate a fine line . It seems that his recent outbursts […]