SQR TO PROVIDE SECURITY FOR KPH BAR LONDON SQR will provide security for Vince Power’s KPH at the heart of trendsetting Portobello “SQR welcomes the opportunity to work with one of the leading figures in UK’s entertainment in providing bespoke security for his KPH project “ SQR raises the standard of provision of security for […]

SQR to provide 24hr security for fc200 building SQR will bring its unique security solution to the FC200 UK, London, April 7, 2014– SQR appointed as 24hr security provider for FC200 Building “SQR is privileged to have been given the opportunity to bring its unique security solutions to FC200 building” Avi Navama SQR co –founder […]

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT APPROVAL Aviation Security UK, London, April 4, 2014– SQR Security Solutions is granted DFT approval to provide Aviation Security “SQR is very proud to have been granted the approval of DFT for provision of Aviation Security “ Shai Slagter Co-founder This approval will allow SQR to bring its extensive experience in the […]